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We designed this firepit to match actual satellite images from every 22.5* latitude and longitude.

The Earthbound Firepit by WCF is the most geographically accurate world map firepit in the world. 


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The World's Most Accurate World Globe Firepit

West Coast Firepits Earthbound Firepit is painstakingly hand-drawn and modeled; each pit is precision cut and built by hand. West Coast Firepits unique process includes hundreds of hours in research and development, resulting in the highest level of quality and precision. 

This IS the firepit you're looking for.

  • 1/4" Thick Carbon Steel

  • Precision cut, using advanced manufacturing techniques

  • No sharp edges, slag completely removed

  • Ceramic coating available for $500. Includes complete sand blasting and degassing of parent material. Coating good for up to 2000 degrees.

  • Wood-burning and Gas Insert options available

  • Stainless steel screen and glass options available

  • Lifetime Guarantee*

Website pricing in USD. Shipping available worldwide

Due to demand, current production Time: 6-8 Weeks.

*Guaranteed not to rust through within your lifetime.