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WEST COAST FIREPITS is located in Port Alberni, BC where they produce the most unique and precisely manufactured spherical fire pits on the market. Using a combination of traditional metalworking and computer aided design, WCF has carefully developed a one of a kind steel cutting technique in order to produce designs otherwise impossible to develop and replicate when working solely by hand.

Launched in summer of 2017, WCF quickly had its first viral content with the release of the Death Star fire pit. Within 24 hours the fire pit had amassed over 5 million views and a range of media attention including print and radio. Since then, WCF has developed nearly 20 new and unique designs, and internationally shipped firepits all over the world, including: North and South America, Australia, Germany, The United Kingdom, and more.



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Amazing quality and strength of the Death Star. It will outlive me and many generations.
— Darcy D