West Coast Firepits

fire & design

Located on Vancouver Island BC, West Coast Firepits is a premier fabrication and design studio specializing in custom spherical firepits. Each firepit is hand-welded and precision cut, using a variety of traditional and modern forging techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is "West Coast Firepits"?

West Coast firepits is a custom firepit company based on Vancouver Island. 

Do You Accept Custom Orders?

Of course! Please use the contact form located here and give us some details about what you're looking for.

What Size Are West Coast Firepits?

Each spherical firepit is 36" diameter (91cm). Larger or smaller sizing is available on request, please inquire for quote.

How Much Does A Firepit Weigh?

Each spherical firepit weighs approximately 260lbs (120kg) before cutting. Depending on the amount of material removed in a design, the final firepit may weight anywhere from 100-200lbs.

What Grade Of Steel Is Used In West Coast Firepits?

Each firepit is made from high quality 1/4" thick mild-steel. (+/- 0.0625)

What Finishes Are Available?

Firepits are available in raw steel or finished with a high-temp ceramic coating. Good up to 2000 degrees.

What Fuel Is Required For West Coast Firepits?

All of our firepits are exclusively wood burning. Propane and natural gas options are coming soon.

Do West Coast Firepits Require Assembly?

No. All of our firepits are shipped in custom crating, fully assembled. Simply move the firepit to the desired location in your yard or patio. Additional assembly may be required for Natural Gas and Propane hookups.